About GGG

The GottaGetGon is an intimate family folk festival put on by the Pickin’ & Singin’ Gatherin’, a folk music club near Albany, NY. The festival is held annually on Memorial Day Weekend at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds in Ballston Spa, NY.

The PSG’s traditional refrain on Memorial Day Weekend is “Gotta Get Gone!” from the city and out to where music and friendship takes over for the weekend. It’s a time to lean back, sit around, and be with friends and family. Play some music, sing some songs, and listen to some of the best music around, day and night.

Since 1970, the PSG has invited a few performers to join us each Memorial Day Weekend for a weekend of fine music. The GottaGetGon is put on by a handful of volunteers and designed for folks who believe that music is part of life. It is a place where grownups, teens, and children can be part of the experience of sharing music, time, and friendship.

Camp on site in a tent or trailer, or commute for the day. Workshops and concerts are all under cover, so bad weather doesn’t stop us! There are some benches to sit on, but we encourage folks to bring folding chairs (especially low ones.)

There are workshops and concerts from about 10 a.m. to 4  p.m. Saturday and Sunday, a family dance on Saturday evening, and a capella sings and informal campground music Friday and Sunday evenings. Sunday afternoon includes an open mic for festival-goers to share their talents. Here’s 2023’s schedule.

Workshops range from vocal skill-building or instrumental techniques to blues history or the trans-Atlantic travel of ballads. Most PSG members are interested in making music as well as watching performances, so the campground is full of impromptu jamming, day and night. Of course if you don’t pick or sing you can still come gather and enjoy.

You will find that the GottaGetGon is a warm and welcoming community of enthusiastic musicians and singers. Whatever kind of music you like, it’s a wonderful experience. We hope you’ll join us!